Cricketing Activities

Regular and systematic coaching activities

Selected players are given a chance to play tournaments in and outside the state for giving maximum exposure to budding cricketers to play in varied conditions.

In a view to provide maximum exposure to the school teams in Kerala, an Inter School Cricket tournament was conducted in the year 2009. The tournament got many accolades and media attention for its planned organizing. Sri.Sandeep Patil, the director of National Cricket Academy, Sri.Bharat Arun, National Cricket Academy coach and dignitaries from the KCA visited the tournament venue to extend their support.

The academy has been conducting annual summer coaching camps since 1999 without any break during the month of April every year. Basic techniques of batting, bowling and fielding are taught covering all aspects of the game and talented cricketers are then absorbed to the Academy.Special coaches are invited to give their expert views and comments about the game for the youngsters.